African National Congress – since 1991 translation of various documents, pamphlets, brochures and campaign materials into the 10 other official languages of South Africa

Anova Health Institute – pamphlet on pregnancy and breastfeeding into Afrikaans, Sotho, North Sotho, Tsonga and Zulu, and Informed Consent forms into Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu

Aveng Africa Ltd – memorandum of Understanding from French into English

AVUSA Education – translation and editing of the Sunday Times “10 South African stories for Children” into the 10 other official languages

Congress of South African Trade Unions – since 1991 translation of various documents, including campaign bulletins, annual May Day pamphlets and other materials into most of the South African languages

Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs – producing a summary of the ‘Framework for a Municipal Indigent Policy’ and translating this summary into the 10 other official languages

Department of Home Affairs – a pamphlet on Xenophobia into the 10 other official languages

Department of Labour, Compensation Commissioner – editing, translation and proofreading of a series of information brochures on the Compensation Fund in the 11 official language of South Africa

Department of Provincial and Local Government – translation of the ‘Multilingualism at Local Government Level – FAQ’s Handbook’ into the 10 other official languages

Family Literacy Project – various educational materials and guides into Zulu

Fine Healthcare Strategic Marketing Services (Pty) Ltd. – translation of “Survival Guide” into Portuguese, and various medical brochures into Afrikaans

Gauteng Department of Community Safety – translation of the Community Version of the Annual Report 2010/2011 into Afrikaans, Sotho and Zulu

Government Communications and Information System (GCIS) – translations into various of the official African languages for the Gateway Portal Translation Project and various documents including the State of the Nation Addresses (Programme of Action) and Vuk’uzenzele into various African languages

HIVSA – pamphlets related to HIV and AIDS education, into various South African languages

Martina Nicholson Associates – various documents and texts into a range of languages

Matchboxology – educational posters, brochures and scripts related to health awareness, including TB and HIV and Aids, into a range of South African languages

O’Brian Marketing – a series of brochures for the dti relating to the Consumer Protection Act and ‘Square Kilometre Array’ text into the 10 other official languages of South Africa, and Gauteng 2010 World Cup Travel Guide into French, Portuguese, Spanish and Zulu

Office of the Premier, Gauteng Province – summarising and editing of various official documents and translating these into Afrikaans, Sotho and Zulu, including the 5-year programme of action, the Premier’s speeches and various educational and awareness brochures and pamphlets

Press Ombudsman – translation of newspaper artiles and related material from Zulu into English

RedFeather Consulting – SABC print packs for Foundation Phase teachers into Afrikaans, Sotho, Venda and Zulu

Russel and Associates – brochures, flyers and newsletter articles into various languages

Sharp Sharp Media – brochures and posters into various languages and policy documents into North Sotho and Tswana

Sibambene Development Communications – educational materials on a range of issues into various South African languages and translation of information sheet, notice and informed consent forms into North Sotho and Tsonga

Thabo Mbeki Foundation – website information into French

Visual Communications – translation of insurance application forms and related documentation into French

VOSESA (Volunteer & Services Enquiry Southern Africa) – survey questionnaires, informed consent and other documentation into Afrikaans, North Sotho, Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Venda and Zulu

WordWorks – translation of a range of literacy materials into Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu.


African Farmers’ Association of South Africa (AFASA) – simultaneous interpreting service in four languages, including equipment, for the AFASA Conference from 21 – 23 October 2012

African National Congress – simultaneous interpreting services for ANC National Conferences and International Meetings, including the meeting of Former Liberation Movements at Freedom Park from 07 – 08 March 2013

BRICS Business Council – provision of simulteneous interpreting services in Portuguese, Russian and Mandarin for the BRICS Business Council meeting in Gauteng in August 2013

Conference Systems – provision of Afrikaans simultaneous interpreting for City of Johannesburg

CRL Commission – simultaneous interpreting services into five languages for National Consultative Conference from 08 – 10 March 2013

Ma Afrika Conference Rentals – simultaneous interpreting services into various languages for a range of conferences over the years, including the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform conference in August 2012 and the Gauteng Language Conference in October 2011

National Youth Development Agency – Spanish simultaneous interpreting service for the 1st International Preparatory Meeting of the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students, 27 March 2013

South African Council of Churches – simultaneous interpreting services into Sotho and Zulu for People’s Land Summit, 2008

SAWID Conferences – providing simultaneous interpreting services in various languages for the SAWID conferences


Department of Labour, Compensation Commissioner – editing a series of information brochures in all 11 official languages

Gauteng Premier’s Office – editing annual reports and summarising the State of the Nation Address for translation purposes

Gauteng Department of Social Development – editing the 2012/13 Annual Report and 2014/15 Annual Performance Plan

Johannesburg Road Agency – editing and proofreading the JRA Strategy 2017 document

O’Brian Communications – editing the 2012/13 Annual Report of the Technology Innovation Agency


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